It’s always worked for me.

Now I just need to learn how to score.

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The funny thing about eels


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I could really use a FJ right about now...

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The thought of change unsettles me

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How to Wash Dishes : Safety Tips for Hand Washing Utensils

The highlight of my day usually ends up being that perfect moment when the eating is done and you finally get to settle in to a nice little dish wash party of one. Here is a good guide on how to safely wash your utensils, in my opinion one of the better guides out there.

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Rick Santorum

Snuggies and Slankets beware, Rick Santorum’s sweater vest is apparently the new fashion “it” item — at least, among the GOP presidential candidate’s supporters.

Hate the vest wearer not the vest!

Santorum’s presidential campaign has made $100,000 so far — at the going rate of $100 apiece for the official version of the famed and ubiqitous fashion accessory that the former US Pennsylvania senator wears at nearly every campaign stop.

“Perfect for demonstrating solidarity with true conservatives, this vest is a great way to show your support for Rick. It’s 100 percent cotton, made in the USA, comes in grey and is yours for your contribution,” reads Santorum’s website.

Santorum backers in South Carolina will be able to get a new special editon sweater vest. The campaign will add a new color: Blaze Orange so that hunters can don it in the field.

In addition to the Santorum insignia, it will include another nod to Second Amendment enthusiasts on the sleaveless wonder:”The Right to Bear Arms.”
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For extra fun check out Google or Urban Dictionary and search the term: Santorum. Have fun!! (NSFW).

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Ziggy, oh Ziggy

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What is the Best Part of Christmas and the Holiday Season to you?

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Time For Another Garfield Minus Garfield = Hilarious

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Troll Dad

memes - Troll Dad: Diet Tip

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