Tick or Treat – It’s Tick Monday on Cunningestblog

A post about ticks…. I just mite!!

Welcome to the new series that I have planned, Tick Monday! Gives a person something to look forward to at the start of another brutal, soul-crushing work week. Sick of being bled dry by your employer, well just think TICK instead!

I didn’t know how to start this series (mainly if I should focus on soft or hard bodied ticks) so I flipped a coin and hard won!

Here is your Monday tidbit:

Hard ticks (or as I like to call them – Ixodidae) are distinguished from the other main family of ticks, the soft ticks by the presence of a scutum or hard shield. Both nymphs and adults have a prominent capitulum (head) which projects forwards from the animal’s body; in the Argasidae, conversely, the capitulum is concealed beneath the body.

So to summarize, if you don’t like my blog, that will tick me off!

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4 Responses to Tick or Treat – It’s Tick Monday on Cunningestblog

  1. Melody says:

    I will forever look forward to a good Tick Monday!

  2. Carly says:


  3. Jackie says:

    4th! Tick Monday gives me a reason to wake up.

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